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Medicare Advantage Plans Ohio

Medicare Advantage Plans

(Also called Part "C") Are offered by private companies that Medicare pays to manage your healthcare. Advantage Plans combine part A and part B into one single plan. Advantage plans can offer extra benefits that original Medicare doesn't like gym memberships, health and wellness programs, vision & dental, and most include the Medicare drug program. We offer plans starting as low as $0. This will feel like an all-in-1 plan and almost always uses a network of doctors.

Medicare Supplement Plans Ohio

Medicare Supplemental Plans
A Medicare Supplement is a secondary insurance to Medicare. Original Medicare is the primary payer and the Medicare supplemental plan is the secondary payer. Medicare supplemental insurance helps pay the costs that original Medicare does not cover. Medicare Supplements do not include the Medicare Part D prescription drug program so you must be purchase it separately if you go this route. Medicare Supplements do not use a network of doctors so they are generally accepted by any doctor who accepts Medicare. These plans will charge you a monthly premium but you will definitely see where those dollars will benefit you!
Medicare Part D Ohio

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is the prescription drug program that began in 2006. You purchase your plan through a private company unless you already have "credible coverage" through an employer or veteran's benefit. There are two ways you can get Part D Medicare if you do not already have credible coverage through an employer or retiree plan. You can purchase it separately or you can get it through a Medicare Advantage Plan.

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